Here at Dumpster Tracking we have one goal in mind..... to make your business simplier for the better things in life. With this in mind, We strive to make your job as simple and efficient as possible.
We accomplish that by combining all of your basic neccessities into one effective place. We work hard on making sure that our interface is simple, intuitive, informative and powerful.
Once you begin working with our product, you will start noticing that you have more free time. Whether that be expanding your business, marketing or just taking time out, it can all be accomplish without sacrificing your business.

10/3/2012: Official Release of product

8/15/2012: Off to Washington DC for the SWANA convention

6/1/2012: First Client Beta testing product

4/30/2012: We are off to the Waste Expo in Las Vegas. I hope to see some of you there

4/7/2012: One month from our official launch. Get ready, we are.


We are two guys with different backgrounds and one focus. With over 15 years experience in each discipline (Waste Removal and Project Management) we offer a unique rounded perspective that covers every need.
Browse through the website, call or e-mail for a demo and you'll be hooked.


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